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Rethinking Text Resizing on Web

Airbnb has made significant strides in improving web accessibility for Hosts and guests who require larger text sizes.

Introducing Spotify Mix, Our New and Exclusive Font

We are introducing our new bespoke typeface: Spotify Mix.

A Selection of Fonts That Future-Proof Your Web Design

A small selection of fonts ideal for keeping your web design timeless and forward-looking.

Coding my Handwriting

How I did it and what I’m doing with it.

The Basics of Legibility

A Short Guide for Non-Typographers.

What does a head of typography do?

Tim Brown discusses the craft and practice of typography and driving type toward a future vision.

Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things

Somehow we forgot how to center rectangles and must find our way back

Choosing the perfect icons for your typeface

A simple guide on how to pair icons and typefaces to create a consistent visual language.

Text Effects

Articles exploring the world of text effects using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript

Inclusive Sans

A text typeface designed for accessibility and legibility for all readers by Olivia King.

The hidden power of typography

The science behind how design choices influence perception and behavior

The Curious Case of Cursive

Chloe Gordon looks at the evolution of cursive in society and design.

Preserving the City Through Typography

A Portage Park illustrator saves Chicago’s past one letter at a time.

Retrofitting fluid typography

As part of my forthcoming Patterns Day talk I decided to rebuild the newly redesigned Creative Boom article page using Utopian fluid typography.

Fonts are still a Helvetica of a Problem

CVEs in three strange places and the unique problem of safely processing and handling fonts.

Behind the design: A deep dive into Aptos

Journey through the design process for our new default font.

Why the Microsoft default font change from Calibri to Aptos upset some users

Is it arguably somewhat ridiculous to get worked up over a font change? Yes. Are a lot of us doing that anyway? Also, yes.

The Monotype 2024 Type Trends Report

The coveted type trends report for 2024 is hot off the presses.

Animating Font Palette

With the release of Chrome 121 we can now animate a smooth transition between font-palettes in Color Fonts using only CSS.

Unearthing the origins of the world’s most hated font, Comic Sans

We delve into the history of the contentious font, uncovering the story of its creation and early uses.