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AMA with Jenny Arden (Lyft)

Hi there! I'm Jenny Arden, Director of Design over at Lyft.

AMA: Noah Levin (Figma)

Hey everyone! I'm Noah Levin, Design Director at Figma.

I'm Dan Mall. Ask me anything!

Hi SuperFriends! My name is Dan Mall. I run a distributed agency called SuperFriendly.

Ask Me Anything: @zeldman, here

What would you like to know? What problems do you struggle with in your design life and career?

Which Mac is the best for product design?

I pushed some design tools to the point where they were lagging a lot on the canvas, to see how they use the hardware.

I'm Halli. AMA

My name is Haraldur Thorleifsson. I'm the founder of an agency called Ueno.

What's going on with DesignerNews?

Having a glance at the front page, most top posts of today are several days or a week old.

The Hamburger Menu

An alternative to the hamburger menu.

A seat at the table

Designers deserve a seat at the table!

Design tools are missing the point

I'm excited to see so much interest in creating better design tools. But they're all missing the mark for me.

AMA: What's Next for Adobe XD?

We've released a major update that addresses popular feature requests like Layout Grid and Design Specs.

Alternatives to Designer News

Discussing sexism and toxicity on Designer News.

At the job interview

Taking job titles too seriously.

So spooky!

And then the product manager said…

AMA: Adobe XD 2017

Hey everyone, My name is Demian Borba and I work on the Adobe XD team.

AMA: Figma 2.0

An AMA with Dylan Field, CEO of Figma.

How to become a better designer

Pablo Stanley shares the ultimate guide to design greatness.

Redditors design worst volume sliders possible

How unusable can you make a volume slider? Reddit tries to find out…

AMA: Framer Team On Framer 2.0, The Complete Product Design Tool

Hey all, I'm Asha, a content strategist at Framer. We just launched Framer Design, a first of its kind graphics tool, built specifically for interaction design work. Draw shapes, create artboards and input text directly in Framer. Our auto-layout and smart positioning technology make responsive design a breeze.

AMA: Mikael Cho, CEO and Co-Founder of Unsplash

Hey everyone! I'm Mikael , co-founder/CEO of Unsplash. For the last 4 years we've been running Unsplash as part of Crew but a few weeks ago we announced that we'll be splitting Unsplash and Crew into separate companies. Unsplash started as a Tumblr blog with public dropbox links as a way to help Crew grow.