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UX Case Study: Turning a 100-Year-Old Bank into a Digital Innovator

The goal was to change the perception of the brand from complex and formal to friendly and pleasant.

Humans VS AI: Who’s Better at Designing?

The industry is constantly evolving, and it influences the profession of a designer as well.

UX Case Study: Venmo. Adding a group savings feature.

Adding a feature: A social savings circle for friends and family to improve their saving habits.

Helping travelers to plan their trips easily using crowdsourced itineraries

This case study explores the journey of users browsing through other travelers itineraries and creating their own customs itineraries.

Designing a landing page for music production workshop

Through this case study I will walk you through my process of designing a landing page for a music production workshop.

Beyond Neumorphism 

Neumorphism is more than playing with inner and outer shadows, that’s just scratching the surface.

Case study : Designing an online photography platform for a studio

I walked through my entire process of designing a dedicated online photography platform for Two Mann studios

Case Study: Redesigning the website for ‘The Intersectional Feminist'

The Intersectional Feminist is a pioneer online magazine dedicated to creating content related to promoting social and political equality.

Case Study: Introducing Adopteroo, An app to connect pets and adopters

This project seeks to create a platform for pet adopters & current pet parents to interact with one another. This was a 4 day design challenge.

UX Case study: Masterclass to learn ‘Podcasting’.

I am going to walk you through a handout of my thoughts on this case study.

Designing e-commerce experience for pottery

Welcome to my first UI/UX case study. I will share my process and explain the design decisions I took along the way.

Designing search for your product

Find your way around one of the most universal features 🔍 Explore the stages of Search, how it works, crucial decisions, and how to design it.

31 english idioms illustrated by 2 non-native speakers

October has become a month full of drawings, with people across the world joining the #inktober challenge, or a variation of it.

Responsive Grid Design: Ultimate Guide

Responsive grid helps to maintain consistency & make faster design decisions.

7 Deadly Sins of Data Visualization

Snakes, seashells, mountains — this is something we, designers, might draw instead of showing data.

10 Rules of Dashboard Design

A dashboard is a visual representation of information. Its purpose is to present complex information in an easy to understand format for its users.

Scandinavian Color Trends

Web Design Trends via Muzli design inspiration

Haptic UX - The Design Guide for Building Touch Experiences

Designing touch experiences that drive the next generation of interactive products.

Two books to start handling digital typography right

An effective reading list for those starting with digital typography and design.

Color Tools For Designers 2019

Designers are increasingly taking risks and using single bold colors to communicate their web design.