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September 7th, 2020
SachaGreifSacha Greif

Relaunching the Sidebar Blog

It's time to start blogging again

Like many other designers coming up in the 2010's, blogging played a big role in my life. Design blogs like Smashing Magazine or CSS-Tricks are basically how I learned to do what I do today; and writing my own articles helped me not only meet many awesome people online, but even find a job.

And yeah, Sidebar has had a blog on Medium but it didn't feel very personal – and kind of opposed to my idea of promoting personal blogs through the new Sidebar Webring, if I'm honest about it.

So I whipped up a quick blog that will live on the Sidebar site itself for now, at least until I get it its own subdomain. It's pretty bare bones, but at least it's unique!

But make no mistake: the idea is not to create yet another bland corporate blog full of boring product updates (although there will be those as well, to be sure). Instead, I want to use this blog as a platform to showcase the Sidebar community: interviews, deep dive into Sidebar stats, guest posts… I have many ideas that will hopefully turn this space into something just as awesome as all the other content featured on Sideabr!