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Using responsive modifiers to control layout changes in your components

Planning the responsive behavior of a component can be tricky, particularly when the component layout is highly affected by its content.

CodyHouse Framework 2.0

Since the release of v1.0, we've been listening to all your feedback and built upon it.

Why we prefer CSS Custom Properties to SASS variables

Since the release of our framework a few months ago, we've been asked by many users why we opted for CSS variables, instead of SASS variables.

Creating rounded triangles in CSS with clip-path

In this quick tutorial, we'll take a look at a practical example where the clip-path property can make your life easier.

Animated Transition Effects

Ink Transition Effect

Products Comparison Table

Sliding Panels Template

Advanced Search Form

Vertical Fixed Navigation #2

Presentation Slideshow in CSS & jQuery

Animated Intro Section

Project Cards Template

Animated SVG Image Slider

Animated SVG Hero Slider

Animated SVG Hero Slider

Quick Add to Cart

Animated Page Transition 2 in Ajax

Page Scroll Effects

One year of CodyHouse