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How Git Works

If you’re still perplexed by git even though you’ve been using it for years, this zine is for you!

Web Platform Status

A dashboard for the advancement of various browser features and APIs.


The Next.js framework for building documentation sites

Cally: small, feature-rich calendar components

Open source calendar components for selecting single dates or date ranges. Framework-agnostic, themeable, localizable, accessible.

SVG Viewer

SVG Viewer is an online tool to view, edit and optimize SVGs.

State of HTML 2023 Survey Results

The latest edition of the annual survey about the latest trends in the HTML ecosystem is now available.

Endless Tools

No-coding tool to create 3D assets, key visual for social media, identity elements and other marketing and design needs.

AI Safety for Fleshy Humans: a whirlwind tour

Your one-stop-shop to understand all the core ideas of AI & AI Safety!

Nature of Code

A new edition of Daniel's Shiffman's book about simulating natural systems with JavaScript, available for free online.


Subframe is a design-to-code tool that lets you build stunning UI in minutes.

The Front End Developer/Engineer Handbook 2024

An overview of the front end profession in 2024.

The Shape of AI

Exploring how patterns and experiences will change in a world driven by Artificial Intelligence

Logo System: Explore 400+ logo designs

Get inspired by exploring this library of real and fictional logos.

Flip Through More than 5,000 Pages of This Sprawling 19th-Century Atlas

At more than 5,000 pages in its entirety, Lorenz Oken’s atlas depicts known species ranging from insects and fish to birds and plants.

The Component Gallery

The Component Gallery is a collection of components from the best Design Systems.

Duelity is a fight club for designers

Create a duel, design your work, winner gets selected by the crowd.

Best practices for designing a CSV importer anyone can useSponsored

Learnings from importing thousands of CSV files and the pitfalls to avoid.

Daily Delights

A curation of links about art, design and development picked -somewhat daily- by Félix Péault, Art Director and Digital Designer.

JSON Canvas

An open file format for infinite canvas data.


Trangram is a free one-stop platform to create, animate and share motion graphics.