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Typography Variables in Figma Are Here

And everything else that’s new from Figma’s Framework event.

The Right Code for Your Design System

Today, we’re announcing beta for Code Connect, a feature built to improve design system adoption by making code more accessible.

Surf the web like it’s 1999 with these old-school cursors

We’re throwing it back to our favorite digital design eras.

12 Figma tips to work more efficiently

I wanted to share my top Figma tips that have helped me become more organized and make bulk design edits quicker.

Design and export responsive HTML emails, directly from Figma.Sponsored

Easily create production-ready HTML emails with the Emailify Figma plugin — works with 30+ marketing platforms (MailChimp, Klaviyo, Salesforce, etc).

How to design icons in Figma

The definitive guide to design icons in Figma, with detailed step-by-step instructions and video examples.

Behind the Feature: The Multiple Lives of Multi-Edit

Every now and again, we ship a feature that makes us wonder how we ever got along without it.

Behind the Feature: Inline Device Frames

Bringing designs to life for mobile, tablet, and watch interfaces directly in the editor.

Figma’s CEO on life after his failed sale to Adobe

Figma is betting big on generative AI and Dev Mode.

Figma components checklists

These checklists are designed for designers seeking to level up their Figma components.

The Anatomy of a Super Bowl Ad

How learning app Duolingo’s cheeky five-second spot beat the odds in a crowded field.

Figma plugin magic tricks: mixing colors with SVG and Canvas API

We overcame a tough color blending roadblock by ditching the iterative method and shifting into a "declarative" approach with SVG and the Canvas API.

How design works at Supabase

The transformative journey of Supabase’s Design team and its unique culture to enhance the output and quality of the entire company.

Figma plugin API: diving into advanced algorithms & data structures

Frontend isn’t just aesthetics — we can also use algorithms, data structures, & tree traversal techniques.

How We Designed & Built a View Transition Demo

Design and development collaboration shines with Figma's Smart Animate and Astro's View Transition API for seamless web transitions.

How I use Figma to craft better presentations

Simple guidelines for using Figma to showcase your strength as a visual storyteller.

Design tool memory usage

How do various design tools utilise memory? What’s their baseline usage with no documents open?

How Spotify’s Design System Goes Beyond Platforms

Design Manager Juli Sombat sheds light on how a need for more cohesion led Spotify’s design systems team to approach components in a new way.

Give ideas more space with Jambot

Jambot brings the power of ChatGPT directly into FigJam

How to make next-level Figma plugins: auth, routing, storage, and more

Learn how we built a full-featured, frontend-app-style Figma plugin, with storage, auth, routing, and more.