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Fine-tuning Text Inputs

A quick overview of the attributes we can add to form fields to provide hints to the browser and improve the user experience for our visitors.

A modern approach to browser support

Just recently, some front-end code we delivered to a client was making its way through acceptance testing.

Is Canva Getting Good?

Your auntie’s toy has the ambition to become a serious design tool.

The Linear Method: Opinionated Software

How the Linear team builds products, and the principles and processes that guide their work

Evolving from implicit intent to explicit design rules

It’s time to come to terms with what we’re actually doing when we design websites, native and web apps.

In Praise Of The Basics

What does it mean to learn the “basics”, or fundamentals, of front-end web development?

Responsive Video Works Now. These Features Could Make It Work Better

Responsive Video is standard and works across browsers again, but there are still some features on my wishlist to add.

Visual design rules you can safely follow every time

You do not have to follow these rules every time. If you have a good reason to break any of them, do. But they are safe to follow every time.

Switching It Up With HTML’s Latest Control

HTML may be gaining a native way to go about it by adding a switch attribute to checkbox inputs.

Here’s What We Learned From the First State of HTML Survey

Key findings include the popularity of the datalist feature and discontent with form elements, especially styling issues.

Beyond Boxes

The artistry of kitchen design.

Queueing – An interactive study of queueing strategies

In this blog, we go on an interactive journey to understand common queueing strategies for handling HTTP requests.


On building trust, not checklists.

DeviantArt’s Downfall Is Devastating, Depressing, and Dumb

Once a vibrant platform for artists, DeviantArt is now buckling under the weight of bots and greed.

The Forged Apple Employee Badge

Here’s a quick and cautionary tale. This eBay auction, spotted by Eric Vitiello, immediately caught my eye.

Web Components from early 2024

I’ve been having a lot of fun creating reusable Web Components, so here are three that I’ve built and been using this so far this year.

Passkeys: A Shattered Dream

I think it's time to pour one out for Passkeys.

The Polish Paradox

The more you polish, the less you see.

The Picture-Superiority Effect: Harness the Power of Visuals

People often remember visuals better than words.

Hardest Problem in Computer Science: Centering Things

Somehow we forgot how to center rectangles and must find our way back