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On building trust, not checklists.


On subjectivity, gatekeeping, and the risk of leaving design industry terms like taste undefined.

Spatial computing: What designers can learn from Invisible Cities

What designers can learn from Italo Calvino’s book Invisible Cities to design for AR and VR.

Accepting Design

Learning to separate the craft of making digital products from the industry we’re in.

Inclusivity should not be W.E.I.R.D: long-lasting inclusive technology

We can change history by enlightening the dark corners of technology.

Can a bridge be unethical?

Design is inherently ethical. Our methods aren’t.

The aesthetics of our new fictions

Visual symbols are powerful ways to make social constructs —from fashion to government— feel legitimate, trustworthy, and familiar.

Genderless design is a myth

Design can never truly be free of culture, gender, and bias. Our pursuit of a neutral and universal design may bring us to modernism, minimalism...

A brief history of the numeric keypad

Picture the keypad of a telephone and calculator side by side. Can you see the subtle difference between the two without resorting to your smartphone?

Returning to Craft

How returning to the craft taught me to be a better leader.

The designer’s gaze

The unintended consequences of our designs also have the same effect on the world as the intended consequences.