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Beautiful, boring, and without soul

How do we make our digital gardens full of life?

Tooling and feeling

On our relationship to the tools that shape us, how machine intelligence understands, and the value in the human capacity for feeling.

Product Design Is Lost

How the field of product design lost its way — and how it can find its way back

Should designers code?

Ah yes, this old chestnut. It pops up as reliably as daffodils in early spring.

Design is a process of getting stuck

Whenever I’m in a room without a whiteboard I feel trapped.

Why we crave healthier computing

How throughout history, increasing computing capability has lead to increasing burden on users.

Aristotle — How to live a good life

2400 years ago Aristotle found out how to be happy. His Nicomachean Ethics is an operating manual for a good life.

Write code for the web

Apple doesn’t need developers.

All art is a copy of something

My older kiddo and I watched a short documentary about artist and engineer Peter Vogel this morning.

Shaping the Future of Design

How to remain relevant amid pervasive change.

I am a creative.

A List Apart founder and web design OG Zeldman ponders the moments of inspiration.

Play at work

The idea I am coming to value most in my professional life is the feeling of “play”.

If you want to be creative, you can’t be certain

Embracing ambiguity as a superpower.


In this article I’ll be using Sit. as an excuse to talk about some wider ideas

Being Normal

In a world of influencer-peddled illusion, we need to normalize being normal.

Who is responsible for the impact of innovative products?

And why is it designers?

Are design ethics useless?

There’s something very off with the user-centeredness of design.

Making a Website is for Everyone

Writing about the big beautiful mess that is making things for the world wide web.


On subjectivity, gatekeeping, and the risk of leaving design industry terms like taste undefined.


You have the power, not Google.