The five best design links, every weekday


Beautiful, boring, and without soul

How do we make our digital gardens full of life?

Why alarm clock design speaks about humanity

A ringing odyssey.

Evolving from implicit intent to explicit design rules

It’s time to come to terms with what we’re actually doing when we design websites, native and web apps.

Are you designing with the right keyboard?

A guide to iOS and Android keyboards.

What telephones can tell you about good design

The story of touch-tone keypads.

Complicated Sticks

The rise of tools for everything and nothing in particular.

The agentic era of UX

The future of digital experience is here — but it’s being minced into microscopic use cases.

The rise of Generative AI-driven design patterns

How Generative AI advances are helping shape the future of feature design, from enhancing content interaction to more informed decision-making.

How I interview product designers

I’ve been part of the interviewing teams before, but this is my first time being the hiring manager. It’s been quite a learning experience.

Mitigating hate speech online using AI

Employing AI to reduce the emotional toll of combating online hate speech.

The Airchat hype: but wait, what happened to Clubhouse?

A brief read on the rise, fall, and attempted comeback of the once viral voice-only social media app — Clubhouse.

How the meaning of colour varies per culture

When Amsterdam built its new stadium, authorities decided to design its seats in rainbow colours.

5 times “smart” copy swung into graveyard humor

What do tea, Fabulous app, Stravinsky, Italian pasta, and Grammarly have in common? Awkward English.

Rethinking personas: Empathy and inclusion in UX design

By using more inclusive methods like Jobs-To-Be-Done and Empathy Maps, we can create more meaningful and accessible products.

Analyzing UX & UI decisions in classic racing games

Ridge Racer Type 4’s UI/UX is a games design classic.

The GenAI Compass: a UX framework to design generative AI experiences

Implementing human-centric design thinking to GenAI.

12 Figma tips to work more efficiently

I wanted to share my top Figma tips that have helped me become more organized and make bulk design edits quicker.

Post-Neubrutalism: foreshadowing Figma’s next aesthetic ethos

The word is out that Solarpunk is in, at least according to Figma CEO, Dylan Field.

Why UI designers should understand Flexbox and CSS Grid

Or bye bye, rigid column grid layout.

The 3 capabilities designers need to build for the AI era

The reverse reckoning of UX design.