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Graph Game

The best way to test your understanding of neural networks!

Sentient Design: AI and the Next Chapter of UX

Josh Clark introduces Sentient Design, the already-here future of intelligent interfaces and AI-mediated experiences.

Tooling and feeling

On our relationship to the tools that shape us, how machine intelligence understands, and the value in the human capacity for feeling.

Google is redesigning its search engine — and it’s AI all the way down

Out: 10 blue links. In: all AI everything.

AI Hallucination Examples and Why They Happen

Easter Eggs of AI: Meme References, Duplicates, Biases, and Other AI Hallucinations

Generative AI Is Totally Shameless. I Want to Be It

What I love, more than anything, is the quality that makes AI such a disaster: If it sees a space, it will fill it—with nonsense.

OpenAI Spring Update

Introducing GPT-4o and making more capabilities available for free in ChatGPT.

The agentic era of UX

The future of digital experience is here — but it’s being minced into microscopic use cases.

AI for Data Journalism

I gave a talk last month at the Story Discovery at Scale data journalism conference hosted at Stanford by Big Local News.

AI Safety for Fleshy Humans: a whirlwind tour

Your one-stop-shop to understand all the core ideas of AI & AI Safety!

The rise of Generative AI-driven design patterns

How Generative AI advances are helping shape the future of feature design, from enhancing content interaction to more informed decision-making.

AI Image Feedback Loop

Data artist Robert Hodgin recently created a feedback loop between Midjourney and ChatGPT-4.

Mitigating hate speech online using AI

Employing AI to reduce the emotional toll of combating online hate speech.

The double-edged sword: Ethical implications of AI in UI/UX design

UI/UX design is no stranger to the effects of AI.

Key Trends and Forecasts Influencing the GenAI Market in 2024

Explore key trends shaping the AI industry, focusing on copyright laws, licensing, and the ethical use of generative AI in content creation.

The Shape of AI

Exploring how patterns and experiences will change in a world driven by Artificial Intelligence

Introducing Meta Llama 3: The most capable openly available LLM to date

Today, we’re introducing Meta Llama 3, the next generation of our state-of-the-art open source large language model.

Artistic Intelligence

How creatives translate complex concepts into visual languages

Gemini 1.5 Pro Now Available in 180+ Countries

We are continuing to work on making Google AI Studio and the Gemini API the easiest way to build with the latest Gemini model.

AI-Powered RedactorSponsored

Ultra-modern, AI-powered editor with powerful API capabilities, a wide range of settings, good docs and tons of integration examples.