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Designer engagement report

Top 3 problems for designers: no research, no design strategy, and no career progression.

How can applicants stand out when applying to design jobs?

Insights from design hiring managers about what they look for in resumes and portfolios

How I interview product designers

I’ve been part of the interviewing teams before, but this is my first time being the hiring manager. It’s been quite a learning experience.

Design Engineering at Vercel: What we do and how we do it

Design Engineers blend aesthetic sensibility with technical skills.

What designers wish they’d known before going freelance

Sometimes, you need a little advice from people who’ve been there.

90% of designers are unhirable?

Or why your cookie-cutter portfolio doesn’t cut it and how to fix it

How my dream design job turned into a nightmare

Or why you should quit your dead-end job before it’s too late.

Product Design is overtaking UX, and it’s because we’re in a weak economy

Understanding why UX is not enough and three ways to augment your skills.

Five Future Roles for Designers

Possible career directions for designers working in an AI-driven world.

Why designers quit (2023 report)

Excluding layoffs, the lack of career progression opportunities, low UX/design maturity, and being unhappy about the work are the top three reasons.

Designer layoff stories

Retaliation, targeted eliminations, legal disputes, and other horror stories from the tech industry. Are you next? How can you prepare?

My process when starting a new job

Steps I take to hit the ground running when I’m starting a new job.

Learn Strategy from VP of Product Design at Headspace Sponsored

Join the Product Design Strategy Course if you want to actively shape product roadmaps and create influence with design.

Dan Mall’s 10 Principles for a Worthy Design Career

Dan Mall distills decades of experience navigating the design world into ten pieces of advice.

Letter to a mid level designer

Sharing lessons learned on the career path of a designer.

Generating income from open source

Ink has been getting some good traction lately and it’s already being used by some well-known companies for a while.

What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Career in UX Design

Mastering the user experience goes beyond tooling and wireframes. People—users and teammates—are the heart of UX design.

The ongoing defence of frontend as a full-time job

It seems to me that we’ve come full circle back to when I started as a web developer.

Spaces by Lovers MagazineSponsored

Spaces. The all-in-one careers page for product-led teams.

Indeed Design’s Guide to Getting a Job in UX

Want to boost your career transition, nail interviews, level up your portfolio, or impress your new team? Read these articles.