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Date: 2023/11/07

In the bad old days we had Punchcards. How did people deal with that?

In the fall of 1976 I started as a Freshman at SUNY Stony Brook intending to major in Math and Computer Science.

Changing Colors in an SVG Element Using CSS and JavaScript

Almost everything inside an inline SVG image is up for modification using CSS and JavaScript. Let’s find out how by changing some colors!

My process when starting a new job

Steps I take to hit the ground running when I’m starting a new job.

Scroll-Driven Animations: Style an element based on the scroll direction & speed

Combine Scroll-Driven Animations with @​property, transition-delay, calc(), sign() and abs() … and you can do Scroll Detection using only CSS!

AI for UX: Getting Started

Use generative-AI tools to support and enhance your UX skills — not to replace them.