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5 times “smart” copy swung into graveyard humor

What do tea, Fabulous app, Stravinsky, Italian pasta, and Grammarly have in common? Awkward English.

Nine Principles of Better Stories

A free guide to help everyone tell better stories.

How to write for Gen Z without being cringe?

How do you do, fellow kids?

I counted 8 mistakes in this 15-word dialog design

Why UX writing is not just about being a professional writer.


AI-powered tools for rappers, writers and wordsmiths.

Some tactics for writing in public

I’ve often heard the advice “don’t read the comments”, but actually I’ve learned a huge amount from reading internet comments.

Formative Posts

Here are things other people have written that have helped to shape who I am. Enjoy!

Write more, design less (and better)

How writing reframes our knowledge and drives our decisions.

Functional Documentation

Thoughts on making our documentation as reusable as our code.

How blogs shaped the web

I have a lot of nostalgia for the era of blogging that I grew up with during the first decade or so of the 2000s.

Advanced techniques for writing good interfaces

Feeling stuck? Here’s how to keep moving forward.

Bring Back Blogs!

In the twilight of Twitter, we’re running an experiment. Can we all bring back blogging, together?

Reading Design

An archive of critical writing about design. From architecture and urbanism to product, fashion, graphic and beyond.

Photoshop for text

When I think about editing images, a vast array of options come to mind: contrast, saturation, sharpen, blur, airbrush, clone stamp, etc.

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages

When it comes to error handling, it truly is a team sport.

Text Is the Universal Interface

Large language models and the future of computing.

A Writer’s Guide to Overcoming Designer’s Block

How a Ph.D. candidate and UX designer turns the blank page into an opportunity.

No More Butt Bongos: Teaching English Abroad Made Me a Better Designer

Helping students is a lot like helping users.

UX Writing: Study Guide

Unsure where to start? Use this collection of links to our articles and videos to learn how to write and present information.

Writing for interfaces

The words and phrases you choose for your app matter.