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The Hydrant Directory

A Public Domain design resource created from public infrastructure.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #60

Discover our latest selection of websites featuring curated designs that keep you in sync with the newest trends.

Teenage Engineering designed a museum exhibit

A photoessay of my visit to SFMOMA’s Art of Noise exhibit.

Handheld Design: Discover best-in-class mobile design inspiration.

Curated collection of the finest mobile design inspiration, delivered weekly.

Artistic Intelligence

How creatives translate complex concepts into visual languages

LogoFav - Curated Logo Inspiration

A collection of our favorite logos from expert designers. Browse 200+ logos with new logos added daily.

Wild Memory Radio

30 leading creatives reveal memories of places that had a lasting impact on their work.

Inspirational Websites Roundup #57

Discover a fresh collection of websites, each chosen for their outstanding design, to spark your inspiration.


A beautiful landing page with spinning animated globes.

Stripe Sessions 2024

Stripe Sessions is a 2.5-day, in-person event with discussions about Stripe product updates, important internet economy trends, and more.

Design Spells · Design details that feel like magic

Discover micro-interactions, easter eggs, and other seemingly extra design details.

Daily Delights

A curation of links about art, design and development picked -somewhat daily- by Félix Péault, Art Director and Digital Designer.

The Designer Who Makes Movie Posters Worthy of Museums

You’ve seen Dawn Baillie’s posters for thrillers, comedies and dramas outside cineplexes.

404s — gallery of error 404 page designs

404 pages, where joy and errors meet. A growing gallery of 404 page designs from around the internet.

Metalab: We make interfaces

A new portfolio site for Metalab.

Dead Simple Sites

Dead Simple Sites curates the most minimal sites on the web.

Marvel at Hundreds of Mathematician Max Brückner’s Models of Polyhedra

German scholar Max Brückner (1860-1934) was lauded during his lifetime for his remarkable collection of polyhedra models.

Logo Rhythm, the band logos book

Album covers get all the praise, but the humble band logo has never quite got its full dues. Until now.

Vintage Typologies

Lost Found Art is a design company that “specializes in sculptural installations and assemblages.


Impressive WebGL website by Bruno Simon.