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A map-like visualization of Hacker News by Wilson Lin.

Map of the web

A visualization of 50,000 websites by Henry Nguyen.

AI Image Feedback Loop

Data artist Robert Hodgin recently created a feedback loop between Midjourney and ChatGPT-4.

The Flipbook Experiment

The results of making a crowd-sourced flipbook animation.

Click Wheel JS

Add an Ipod Wheel to any website with this javascript library.

Motion extraction with mostly CSS

A simple way to extract motion from a video using CSS.

How would you build Wordle with just HTML & CSS?

A fun little form validation and CSS selector experiment.


An ever-expanding, customizable digital Rube Goldberg machine by XKCD.

Wild Memory Radio

30 leading creatives reveal memories of places that had a lasting impact on their work.

Conway’s Game of Hope

A fable of emergence by Alexander Miller.

Lissajous Curve SVG Generator

Generate and export SVGs of Lissajous curves. A tool by Eva Decker.


A cool visual experiment for generating tile patterns.

The Flipbook Experiment

Help draw the longest flipbook animation ever.

The sinusoidal tetris

A tetris game with a twist.

Pong Wars

The eternal battle between day and night, good and bad.


Send a prompt, and get a human-made, non-AI drawing in return.


While browsing Mastodon late one night, I came across this excellent blog post called HTML is all you need to make a website.


Make your own 3D procedurally-generated plant.

Sonic Garbage

Every time someone visits, Sonic Garbage performs a YouTube search with randomly generated phrases.

DALL·E Party

DALL·E image → GPT4 Vision → repeat