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Graph Game

The best way to test your understanding of neural networks!

Flat Planets

An exploration of creating planets to decorate a skybox.

How to design giant robots in shooters

A comprehensive War Robots retrospective.

Mario meets Pareto

Discover how to find the best Mario Kart 8 build using the Pareto frontier method.

Guess My RGB

A simple RGB color guessing game.

Analyzing UX & UI decisions in classic racing games

Ridge Racer Type 4’s UI/UX is a games design classic.

Reward your future customers with a game

Why not rewarding our visitors with the cutest bunny ice skating game ever?


Collage together photos, drawings and text, and then connect them into an interactive story.

The sinusoidal tetris

A tetris game with a twist.

Infinite Craft

A game about crafting by Neal Agarwal.

13-Year-Old Becomes First to Beat NES Tetris

13-year-old Blue Scuti is now the best Tetris player in the world after becoming the first human player to beat the NES version

1d Pac-Man

A one-dimension Pac-Man game.

Hexcodle: The Daily Hexcode Guessing Game!

Can you guess today’s hex color? Challenge your color instincts and decode the hex with Hexcodle!

How do Assassin's Creed games encourage players to use parkour?

I break down these core design decisions into mainly level design and encounter design decisions.


A fun take on the classic bricks breakout game with popup windows!

The Nintendo Ads You’ve Never Seen

A study of idyllicism, 癒やし (iyashi) & knowing your audience.

How the Creator of Alone in the Dark Came Back to Games

Frédérick Raynal is best known for creating Alone in the Dark, a game which single-handedly invented the survival horror genre.

Shift Happens: Cover Stories

This tiny companion site turns the Shift Happens slipcase cover into a mini game!

Game+Logo, video game logos

A growing compilation of video game logos.

Silly Co Valley

A fast-paced startup simulation game where you play the founder of a tech startup.