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Analyzing my text messages with my ex-boyfriend

Facebook allows you to download all of the messages you've ever sent, ever, as JSON files.

Pin Point

A data visualization of the most common 4-digit PIN codes.

The Communal Plot

Interactively respond to a daily poll and see how your responses compare to others in real-time!

Cicadas rising: A visual guide to 2024’s rare dual appearance

Here’s what to expect as cicadas make their debut in a historic emergence that hasn’t occurred in more than 200 years.

A lifetime of change

Leaving the future generation hope for a better planet.

The invisible seafaring industry that keeps the internet afloat

How one crew risked radiation, storms, and currents to save Japan from digital isolation.

Mario meets Pareto

Discover how to find the best Mario Kart 8 build using the Pareto frontier method.

This is a teenager

Watch hundreds of teenagers grow up into adults – and see how their lives turn out

Why Jesus Never Ate a Banana

About 69 percent of the global diet is “foreign,” says a study that pinpoints the origin of 151 food crops.

The Climate Charts Are Not Okay

The chart looks wrong. It looks like a malign mistake, or like two separate charts have been combined in some nefarious way.

Models All The Way Down

If you want to make a really big AI model you start by finding a really big training set.

A long read about NBA shot data

I used to play basketball and I do a lot of data analysis and mapping.

Beyond bars and lines: 7 cool ways to visualize data in your dev tool

We examine 7 methods of displaying data, the pros and cons of each, real life use cases, and we share even more scenarios where you might use each.

Parallel Lives

See the age of notable figures for every year in history.

What Makes an Album the Greatest of All Time?

Examining 30 years of Rolling Stone’s “Greatest Albums of All Time” Rankings

Designing for all audiences: Mapping the future of food

What happens when weather events become the norm?

What would happen if we didn’t have leap years?

CNN answers the question on many people’s minds this February 29.

WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey 10

The results of the 10th WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey are now published.

Quantifying the Diva-ness of 138 National Anthem Performances

We compared each performer’s pitch to the standard to see who is the ultimate diva.

Best Data Visualization Projects of 2023

Data continues on its upwards trajectory and with it comes the importance of visualization.