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Date: 2024/04/12

How we’re approaching theming with modern CSS

We’ve started a new project which requires heavy, creative theming, so I made a prototype to test some ideas out.

The Loneliest Color

Meet Kingdom Gold SW 6698, Sherwin-Williams’ Loneliest Color, and see how this overlooked shade can add new color to your space.

Why Jesus Never Ate a Banana

About 69 percent of the global diet is “foreign,” says a study that pinpoints the origin of 151 food crops.

Penpot’s CSS Grid Layout: Designing With Superpowers

Penpot helps designers and developers work better together by offering a free, open-source design tool based on open web standards.

5 times “smart” copy swung into graveyard humor

What do tea, Fabulous app, Stravinsky, Italian pasta, and Grammarly have in common? Awkward English.