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Tintin inspired away kit homage to cartoonist Hergé

New home kit for Belgian Red Devils and Red Flames.

Cara, the AI-Skeptical Artist Portfolio App, Skyrockets to 100,000s of Users

A new social media app wants to make a place for artists to share original work and closely monitor for AI creations, which are not allowed.

State of Frontend 2024 survey

Share your opinions in this 10-minute survey about frontend development

The Screen Wake Lock API is now supported in all browsers

The Screen Wake Lock API has officially landed in all major browsers—Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

SolidStart: Fine-Grained Reactivity goes fullstack

SolidStart is a JavaScript Framework designed to build SolidJS apps and deploy them to a variety of providers.

Adobe comes after indie game emulator Delta for copying its logo

Adobe targeted Delta for sporting a logo that looked too much like its own.

Apple announces new accessibility features, including Eye Tracking

Apple today announced new accessibility features coming later this year, including Eye Tracking, Music Haptics, and Vocal Shortcuts.

Google is redesigning its search engine — and it’s AI all the way down

Out: 10 blue links. In: all AI everything.

State of HTML 2023 Survey Results

The latest edition of the annual survey about the latest trends in the HTML ecosystem is now available.

OpenAI Spring Update

Introducing GPT-4o and making more capabilities available for free in ChatGPT.

Manifesto for a Humane Web

We need to build a better web. A web by and for humans.

Popover API lands in Baseline

The popover API lands in all modern browser engines.

Ryan Dahl: From Node.js and Deno to the ‘Modern’ JSR Registry

The creator of Node.js and Deno has a new mission: Securing JavaScript packages against malicious users.

Typography Variables in Figma Are Here

And everything else that’s new from Figma’s Framework event.

Key Trends and Forecasts Influencing the GenAI Market in 2024

Explore key trends shaping the AI industry, focusing on copyright laws, licensing, and the ethical use of generative AI in content creation.

The Right Code for Your Design System

Today, we’re announcing beta for Code Connect, a feature built to improve design system adoption by making code more accessible.

JS Naked Day

The web should work without JavaScript.

The End of an Era: Women Who Code Closing

Women Who Code started as a community group in 2011 by a small team of engineers in San Francisco.

Introducing Meta Llama 3: The most capable openly available LLM to date

Today, we’re introducing Meta Llama 3, the next generation of our state-of-the-art open source large language model.

The Loneliest Color

Meet Kingdom Gold SW 6698, Sherwin-Williams’ Loneliest Color, and see how this overlooked shade can add new color to your space.