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Rethinking Text Resizing on Web

Airbnb has made significant strides in improving web accessibility for Hosts and guests who require larger text sizes.

On compliance vs readability: Generating text colors with CSS

Can we emulate the upcoming CSS contrast-color() function via CSS features that have already widely shipped?

Apple announces new accessibility features, including Eye Tracking

Apple today announced new accessibility features coming later this year, including Eye Tracking, Music Haptics, and Vocal Shortcuts.

A Brief Note on Highlighted Text

If you plan to style text highlighted by the browser, you must give it sufficient contrast.

WebAIM: Web Accessibility in the 2024 Presidential Campaigns

We've run the 2024 presidential candidates’ campaign websites through our AIM (“Accessibility Impact”) testing sequence.

What if you had real control over Dark Mode on a per-site basis?

Dark Mode Toggle Buttons should be a browser feature.

A complete guide for content creators to start making accessible content

Learn how to embed web accessibility into your process using WAVE and accessibility basics.

Accessible Forms with Pseudo Classes

Creating a simple contact form using semantic HTML and an awesome CSS pseudo class known as :focus-within.

Check-All / Expand-All Controls

Controls that can operate other controls in bulk are not new.

Inclusive Design’s next wave breaks for mental health

Our toolkit for designing with cognitive diversity extends into wellbeing.

Jakob Has Jumped the Shark

The saga of Jakob Nielsen.

Accessibility Darkness

Took a journey into the heart of the #a11y industrial complex last night while browsing the interwebs on my phone.

We need to talk about Jakob

Jakob Nielsen woke up one morning last week and chose violence.

“AI” and accessible front-end components: is the nuance generatable?

Are LLMs helpful tools to assist with making accessible front-end components? Let’s find out.

Why the Tokyo metro plays bird whistles

Design bite of the day, and how to integrate this mindset into your business.

WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey 10

The results of the 10th WebAIM Screen Reader User Survey are now published.

Polypane 18: Introducing Polypane Portal

With Polypane Portal you can now build and test your sites across all browsers, engines and devices, all without leaving Polypane.

Mobile Accessibility Barriers For Assistive Technology Users

Accessibility goes beyond making products user-friendly. It can significantly impact the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Don’t Disable Form Controls

Just another usability and accessibility pro telling authors not to do the thing they continue to do.

Doing what’s required: Indicating mandatory fields in an accessible way

What’s required to indicate that a field is required?