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Why the Tokyo metro plays bird whistles

Design bite of the day, and how to integrate this mindset into your business.

Note app by Ableton

Play beats and melodies, sample your world, and experiment with sound in Note.

Audio logos: what they are, why they work, and how to use them

Audio logos are more than just catchy riffs. Learn more about what they are, why they’re so effective, and how you can get your own unique tune.

Sound of The Earth

This site uses machine learning to connect submitted sounds from around the globe in a virtual space and physical installation.

Pocket Operator for Pixel

A Google and teenage engineering collaboration, pocket operator (for Pixel) lets you shoot video content & turn it into fun music and video cut-ups.

Lil Beat Maker

Visual beat-making machine based on a circular timeline, built using Tone.js and Alpine.js.

SND: Crafted UI sound assets for UX developers

UI sound assets, developed in collaboration with multiple sound designers, are designed to fit the components used in many modern UIs.

Global Sequencer

Sounds submitted from around the world come together in this interactive sequencer presented by Hamamatsu City, Japan.

The Hidden Melodies of Subways Around the World

When train doors close, these jingles warn riders to stand clear.

Sound Designers Talk About the Legacy of Their Work

What does a camera sound like? It sounds like a shutter opening and closing.

These familiar sounds will soon disappear from our world

More museums are preserving old technology, but an online archive focuses on the sound it makes.

UI Sounds: From Zero To Hero

A sound can significantly improve the users’ experience and be useful where GIU can not. All that it takes – to put good sounds in the right places.