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BlenderBot 3: a chatbot that improves its skills and safety over time

Meta AI has built and released the first 175B parameter, publicly available chatbot, and deployed it in a live interactive conversational AI demo.

Sound of The Earth

This site uses machine learning to connect submitted sounds from around the globe in a virtual space and physical installation.

Sharing lessons about our image cropping algorithm

Twitter shares an analysis of its assessment for potential bias problems and use of machine learning in its image cropping algorithm.

Fingerspelling with Machine Learning

Learn the ABCs in American Sign Language using your webcam and machine learning.

Same Energy

A visual search engine that focuses purely on the visual aspects of imagery to find similar ones.

Hugging Face is looking for its Head of DesignSponsored

At Hugging Face we built some of the most popular ML libraries ever, and we're looking for our Head of Design to ship the GitHub of machine learning.

Optimal Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwiches

I have this urge, this desire, this need to maximize the packing fraction of the banana slices.