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Promises From The Ground Up

The “Promises” API is a surprisingly tricky part of modern JavaScript.


The Next.js framework for building documentation sites

SolidStart: Fine-Grained Reactivity goes fullstack

SolidStart is a JavaScript Framework designed to build SolidJS apps and deploy them to a variety of providers.

Introducing Pigment CSS: the next generation of CSS-in-JS

Pigment CSS offers significant performance gains along with RSC and App Router support.


The simplest way to add CSS styles to your React components.

Cally: small, feature-rich calendar components

Open source calendar components for selecting single dates or date ranges. Framework-agnostic, themeable, localizable, accessible.

Headless UI v2.0 for React

We just released Headless UI v2.0 for React which includes a ton of new stuff.

Five Basic Things About JavaScript That Will Help Non JS-Focused Web Designers

Let’s say you don’t know JavaScript. You’re a web designer and you’re focused largely on UI and UX.

Ryan Dahl: From Node.js and Deno to the ‘Modern’ JSR Registry

The creator of Node.js and Deno has a new mission: Securing JavaScript packages against malicious users.

Detect JavaScript Support in CSS

I had been aware of the scripting CSS media feature but I was still under the impression that cross-browser support was lacking.

Nature of Code

A new edition of Daniel's Shiffman's book about simulating natural systems with JavaScript, available for free online.

HTMX Is So Cool I Rolled My Own

The one where I reject JavaScript UI libraries.


A JavaScript library for generating vector-based cartoon faces.

The End Of My Gatsby Journey

Juan Diego Rodríguez reflects on his decision to stop using Gatsby as his go-to framework.

JavaScript Bloat in 2024

What is the average size of JavaScript code downloaded per website? Let's find out!


Everyone knows you can use console.log() to log text and variables. Did you know you could also render (limited) CSS, SVGs, and even HTML?

The Good, The Bad, The Web Components

The humble component. The building block of modern web development.

Modern client-side routing: the Navigation API

Learn about the Navigation API, a new API which adds improved functionality to build single-page applications.

Storybook 8 Beta

Major performance and compatibility improvements.

Web Development Is Getting Too Complex, And It May Be Our Fault

An overwhelming number of frameworks and tooling available today gives the impression that web development has gotten perhaps too complex.