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How Git Works

If you’re still perplexed by git even though you’ve been using it for years, this zine is for you!

Nature of Code

A new edition of Daniel's Shiffman's book about simulating natural systems with JavaScript, available for free online.

Flip Through More than 5,000 Pages of This Sprawling 19th-Century Atlas

At more than 5,000 pages in its entirety, Lorenz Oken’s atlas depicts known species ranging from insects and fish to birds and plants.

From ink to pixel to ink

I love books. I love reading books but I also love books as objects.

The Hidden Factor, by Steven Skaggs

Artists usually think of their work as the making of an image; graphic designers think of design as communication through image and type

Redesigning Cormac McCarthy’s Brutal ‘Blood Meridian’

In the last few years I feel like my pace of designing has slowed down.

Developer Experience Book

Developer Experience (DX) is all about how easily and effectively developers can get things done.

The Best Book Cover Designs of 2023

I love a good book cover design. As I wrote last year: The book cover is one of my all-time favorite design objects

Our Favorite Art Books of 2023

Artist monographs, surveys, and historical reflections to prove that art really does make the world a better place.

How To Design Fonts?

Unleash your inner font designer with How to design fonts? by Blaze Type. A guide to crafting exceptional typefaces.

What does a happily ever after look like?

We looked at over 1,400 romance novel covers featured in Publishers Weekly from 2011 to 2023.

Antique Book Patterns

From the Bergen Public Library Norway, a collection of antique book patterns from front or end papers.

Free Books For Interface & UX Designers

Everything from accessibility and typography to management, IA and content strategy. No strings attached.

The Illustrated Book of Poultry

The Illustrated Book of Poultry by Lewis Wright was first published in 1870 and revised several times in the following decades.

The Web Development Glossary 3K

More Than 3,000 Terms and Concepts for the Well-Rounded Developer.

Continually curated, easier-to-browse collection of graphic design related items that are available on The Internet Archive.

Make Something Wonderful

A review of the physical and digital editions of Make Something Wonderful, a book dedicated to the words of Steve Jobs.

Three books about Muji

Three books that have helped me better understand MUJI, one of very few brands that has had a lasting impact on my life.

Meet the maker: Marcin Wichary

A design manager tells us about his latest project, a book covering 150 years of keyboard design.

Shift Happens Preview

Here’s a little preview of Marcin Wichary’s long-awaited book, Shift Happens.