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A Brilliant brand refresh

We worked with Koto to refresh our brand to better align with our audience of young professionals.

Working on the BCWA new identity

Case study for a weighlifting logo redesign.

Website deep dive: A fresh website for a new future

Showcasing the details of the makeover of the Xata website as we move to our new serverless Postgres offering.

How we redesigned the Linear UI

We have redefined the foundational layers of Linear’s application with a full redesign.

Redesigning navigation with a user-centric approach

We will detail every step we took in designing this new navigation menu component, and share our main takeaways about the whole experience.

Diving into the Node.js Website Redesign

We've taken great care in approaching this design with a nod to the past and look to the future. Redesigns With 2024 Vibes

Well. Finally. I’m unbelievably pleased, relieved, and exhausted to launch the long-awaited (by me) redesign of

Metalab Redesign

Today design firm Metalab launched a major rebrand.

Scientific American Rebranding

Redesign of the oldest continuously published magazine in the US, with a focus on a scientific research and ideas.

Key takeaways from Airbnb’s winter redesign

When Airbnb announces something new, it’s the result of months of hard work, thinking, and testing.

Redesigning Cormac McCarthy’s Brutal ‘Blood Meridian’

In the last few years I feel like my pace of designing has slowed down.

Better Sales Pages with better Typography

Five tips to design a convincing sales page by better using typography.

Designer’s Guide To Redesign

Useful guidelines on when and how to redesign, how to avoid pitfalls and how to help users embrace the new design.

2023 Was The Year of the Rebrand

Legacy institutions, huge consumer products brands, even a branch of the U.S. military launched bold statements of evolution.

Pentagram’s Brand Refresh of Reddit as the “Heart of the Internet”

Amelia Nash interviews Pentagram’s Natasha Jen on the Reddit brand refresh.

Redefining Facebook’s brand identity

Learn how teams across Facebook came together to evolve and unify the app’s brand identity.

How TechCrunch Spent $1 Million Rebuilding Their Website

About a month ago I recreated the TechCrunch website in 30 minutes in one of my rapid recreation videos on YouTube.

Meet the new Webflow

A brand refresh and tribute to our community.

A new brand identity built for, and with, creators.

Patreon introduces a reimagined Patreon brand, including a new logo and wordmark.

Substack’s redesign makes it feel like a more traditional social media app

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