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Case Study: Serra. Identity and Product Design for Financial App

Creative process on brand identity and user experience design for the financial application Serra.

Zelman Meats logo by Red Dot Studio

The Zelman Meats logo, designed by Sam Lachlan of Red Dot Studio, identifies Misha Zelman’s steakhouse in Knightsbridge, London.

Meet Ritmo, Musixmatch’s cross-platform design system

When Musixmatch initially embarked on its music and tech industry journey, it established itself primarily as a music player.

Working on the BCWA new identity

Case study for a weighlifting logo redesign.

How to design giant robots in shooters

A comprehensive War Robots retrospective.

Case Study: 84—24

A look into the making of 84—24. The tale of restoring an ’80s timeless classic.

Website deep dive: A fresh website for a new future

Showcasing the details of the makeover of the Xata website as we move to our new serverless Postgres offering.

How we redesigned the Linear UI

We have redefined the foundational layers of Linear’s application with a full redesign.

Redesigning navigation with a user-centric approach

We will detail every step we took in designing this new navigation menu component, and share our main takeaways about the whole experience.

Diving into the Node.js Website Redesign

We've taken great care in approaching this design with a nod to the past and look to the future.

Social Proof: Why people’s behaviors affect our actions

Learn from the best examples of social proof in the industry and how to apply it to increase the perceived value of your product ethically.

How Insight from Netflix Profiles Doubled Our Conversions

Out-of-the-box design process by Gett mobile team.

Instagram — Motion Identity System

Instagram invited Studio Dumbar to collaborate on the next phase of expansion: the creation of a vibrant, all-encompassing motion system.

Reward your future customers with a game

Why not rewarding our visitors with the cutest bunny ice skating game ever?

Shoop logo by Lizzie Frost

The Shoop logo feels as warm and inviting as Shoop’s signature dish. Designed by Madrid-based graphic designer Lizzie Frost. Redesigns With 2024 Vibes

Well. Finally. I’m unbelievably pleased, relieved, and exhausted to launch the long-awaited (by me) redesign of

Key takeaways from Airbnb’s winter redesign

When Airbnb announces something new, it’s the result of months of hard work, thinking, and testing.

Letterboxd: How to nail product market fit with clear Jobs‑To‑Be‑Done

Learn how Letterboxd could significantly improve their app onboarding and retention by focusing on their customers’ jobs-to-be-done.

When (and why) noise creates churn

Do you have a long ‘time-to-value’, and an orchestra of noise? This might be why your churn is so high.

What should we ship?

In October, together with Glenn, Henry, and Alasdair, we shipped a new homepage for Vercel.