The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2024/02/23

Designing With Integrity: The Ethical Designer’s Handbook On Dark Patterns

Dark Patterns are deceptive design tactics, intended to manipulate users into actions they may not have intended.

The Mystery of the Dune Font

Putting a name to the typeface that defined the visual identity of the science fiction series and its author, Frank Herbert

Marvel at Hundreds of Mathematician Max Brückner’s Models of Polyhedra

German scholar Max Brückner (1860-1934) was lauded during his lifetime for his remarkable collection of polyhedra models.

Polypane 18: Introducing Polypane Portal

With Polypane Portal you can now build and test your sites across all browsers, engines and devices, all without leaving Polypane.

Design Ah! (デザインあ) · learning the fun of design

A gem of an educational show from Japan about design.