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Polypane 18: Introducing Polypane Portal

With Polypane Portal you can now build and test your sites across all browsers, engines and devices, all without leaving Polypane.

Field-sizing just works!

Field-sizing is wild. It’s a new CSS property that makes input and textarea automatically scale to the size of their content.

Fading content using transparent gradients in CSS

Exploring two modern ways that give more flexibility to fade out text content line by line.

Using Selectlist in React

Selectlist is an upcoming element that replaces the native select element with a fully stylable and customizable one. Here's how to use it in React.

Polypane 16: workflow improvements, scoped styles and Chromium 118

A ton of improvements to common workflows, updates to the meta panel social media previews, support for @scope, Chromium 118 and more.

Where to put text so it doesn’t overlap in the new X (Twitter) preview

X (Twitter) recently updated their link previews to hide both the title and description, and overlaying the domain on top of the image.

Polypane 15 released

In Polypane 15 we added a new fully-featured browser, made big performance improvements, added a Mastodon preview, improved the elements panel & more

Offset parent and stacking context: positioning elements in all three dimensions

They are fundamental CSS concepts you use every single day whether you know it or not: the offset parent and stacking context.

Polypane 12: introducing the Command bar

Polypane 12 introduces our new command bar and new a11y features and it runs on Chromium 108.

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The breakpoints we tested in 2021 & 2022, and the ones to test in 2023

Which screen sizes to design, build and test on is a perennial topic in web development.

Thanks iPhone 14, designing for device sizes is dead

Testing on specific device widths is an evolutionary dead end, and the 3px difference between iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro just proved it.

Polypane 10: detachable panel, navigation sync, element screenshots and more

Polypane 10 brings a number of often requested workflow features to Polypane like a detachable panel and the ability to turn off navigation sync

Polypane 9.1: Form autofilling, fast overview screenshot and a11y overlays

New features to quickly test forms, a faster screenshot feature, support for the INP web vital and heading and landmark info inside viewports.

:where() :is() :has()? New CSS selectors that make your life easier

In this article we're going to focus in on some new features that are available for the CSS selectors: the :is(), :where() and :has() pseudo-classes.

Forced colors explained: A practical guide

We'll explore where Forced Color Mode comes from, how it changes your site and how you can adapt to it.

Always open localhost in your development browser

How to always open localhost in your development browser while opening all other URLs in your regular browser on Mac, Windows and Linux.

How we made the State of CSS more responsive and accessible

Each year, the state of CSS takes a global survey of the CSS landscape.

Polypane 8

A better Elements inspector, performance improvements, Chromium 98, forced colors emulation, focus state sync, ARM support, a new debug tool and more.

The EyeDropper API: Pick colors from anywhere on your screen

With the new EyeDropper API in Chromium, websites can let visitors pick colors from anywhere on their screen.