The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2023/10/10

Pure CSS low-poly: Aquatic Life

Fish, octopuses, starfish and unnamed horrors of the deep - created, against all sense and logic, with just CSS and HTML

Where to put text so it doesn’t overlap in the new X (Twitter) preview

X (Twitter) recently updated their link previews to hide both the title and description, and overlaying the domain on top of the image.

Table of Contents: The Ultimate Design Guide

Tables of contents provide a page overview and direct access to specific sections.

Mirage at Apple Park

A short photoessay about my visit to a new permanent art installation at Apple Park.

The Future of CSS: Easy Light-Dark Mode Color Switching with light-dark()

A function that computes to the first color if the used color scheme is light or unknown, or to the second color if the used color scheme is dark.