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Date: 2024/05/17

Tooling and feeling

On our relationship to the tools that shape us, how machine intelligence understands, and the value in the human capacity for feeling.

DeviantArt’s Downfall Is Devastating, Depressing, and Dumb

Once a vibrant platform for artists, DeviantArt is now buckling under the weight of bots and greed.

The Forged Apple Employee Badge

Here’s a quick and cautionary tale. This eBay auction, spotted by Eric Vitiello, immediately caught my eye.

Time-based CSS Animations

In my earlier post Time Uniform For CSS Animation, I took a note about a way to do CSS animations with time ticks instead of keyframes.

Triple stripes and trefoil

The history of the Trefoil logo and Adolf Dassler’s logotype for German sports brand Adidas.