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Time-based CSS Animations

In my earlier post Time Uniform For CSS Animation, I took a note about a way to do CSS animations with time ticks instead of keyframes.

Fun with stroke-dasharray

The stroke-dasharray attribute in SVG is more flexible compared to the dashed style in CSS.

Experimenting A New Syntax To Write SVG

It’s been a while since I introduced a new syntax to the css-doodle project to solve my own problems.

Dreamy Blur

I was attracted by their slight blur and the subtle glowing effects, and wondered what kind of filter function was used.

Pixel Patterns

A while ago I saw an interesting pattern generated by a pure mathematical rule.

Polygon Shapes

CSS Doodle provides a declarative syntax for generating polgyon shapes with clip-path property.

Flip, Invert, and Reverse

In this article, I’m going to introduce 3 kinds of transformations for the SVG path commands.