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How We Designed & Built a View Transition Demo

Design and development collaboration shines with Figma's Smart Animate and Astro's View Transition API for seamless web transitions.

A collection of bitesized UX interactions

Curated to inspire other designers and help you tune into what great UX looks like, from the best products in the world.

Labs - Ee Venn Soh

A space where I periodically explore the convergence of design, technology, and creativity.

The playful design details of the Playdate console

A showcase of delightful details with questionable ROI.

How to maximize delight in data visualizations

How Shopify's Live View redesign uses things like motion to bridge the gap between observing the screen and experiencing real human connections.

The State of Independence Report 2021

Contra surveyed over 10,000 freelancers across design, engineering, product, writing, marketing, and social to gather insights on the future of work.

SVG animations made easySponsored

Loaf is a tool that makes SVG animations easy. Hundreds of premium animations packaged in a beautiful app for Windows and macOS. Get started for free!

Mercedes vs Lucid, Different Views on Luxury UI Design

Even though the Lucid Air and new Mercedes S-Class are direct competitors, their views on luxury UI are completely different

Designing a Google that can see

A micro-case study about early design thinking behind Google Lens.

A New System for Designing Motion With Both Sketch and Figma

Introducing AEUX, a tool for integrating motion design into a UX workflow-with fewer speed bumps than ever.

Four steps every motion graphics project should follow

In this video series top motion designer Evan Abrams walks us through the key steps to follow in pre-production to set your project up for success.

Get started with motion design in 9 steps

Animation means full of life. Motion has the power to add delight and human connection to all your creations.

Facebook iOS 10 GUI is now available for Craft

Resources like Facebook's iOS 10 GUI and our suite of plugins, Craft, have been game changers for time-strapped designers looking to supercharge their process. That's why we're so excited to share that Facebook's iOS 10 GUI is now available for Craft.

Making Motion Meaningful

Motion is essential to bringing digital products to life. Something as simple as tapping a card to expand and reveal more information, is made better by fluid animation. New content is introduced, shared elements move into their new position, and the user is given guidance with a clear focal point.

Motion Stills - Google Design

Motion Stills is what you call an oxymoron: a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. The tension between the terms "motion" and "still" produces something magical, where things are moving and immobile at the same time.

Using Animation to Enhance UX

Updated 12th Jul 2016 How I've used animation to improve UX in a CRM system Animation has been used very successfully to delight and engage film viewers - I don't need to quote IMDB ratings of Pixar films in order to highlight their popularity.