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Date: 2024/03/07

Behind the Feature: The Multiple Lives of Multi-Edit

Every now and again, we ship a feature that makes us wonder how we ever got along without it.

POV: Is it the designer’s responsibility if an app is addictive?

Habit-forming features on social media apps are sparking class-action lawsuits. But does moral responsibility lie with product designers?

A dozen thoughts about AI

AI. It’s the talk of the town (or at least this year, that is). I’ve been in dozens of conversations about AI in recent days.

Aristotle — How to live a good life

2400 years ago Aristotle found out how to be happy. His Nicomachean Ethics is an operating manual for a good life.

Fonts are still a Helvetica of a Problem

CVEs in three strange places and the unique problem of safely processing and handling fonts.