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Choosing the perfect icons for your typeface

A simple guide on how to pair icons and typefaces to create a consistent visual language.

How to design icons in Figma

The definitive guide to design icons in Figma, with detailed step-by-step instructions and video examples.

SVG Flag Icons

Explore our collection of over 200 optimized SVG country flag icons — Perfectly crafted on a 32px grid.

How to Favicon in 2024: Six files that fit most needs

The ultimate guide to favicons for the modern web.

How to create the perfect icon

A meticulous system to ensure that your icons are perfectly recognizable, consistent and legible.

Grids and key shapes

Exploring the importance of grids and key shapes in icon design, from how to build them step by step to how to break them in an instant.

2024 Icon Design Trends

Discover the latest icon design trends for 2024.

Heroicons Micro: What are these, icons for ants?

We just released Heroicons v2.1 which includes a brand new micro style — a full set of almost three hundred 16×16 icons.

In Search Of The Ideal Privacy Icon

Icons are capable of enhancing the content that surrounds them, but they have to be self-explanatory for that to happen.


Convert and optimize SVG icons to React, Vue, and Svelte components

Iconbuddy — 180K+ open source icons

Iconbuddy is a powerful icon search engine and manager that allows you to search, download, customize, and edit over 180k+ open source icons.

Iconic icons: Celebrating design’s nifty little helpers

The power of iconography in our everyday lives.

Flowbite Icons: Open-source SVG icons

Get started with a collection of free and open-source collection of SVG icons compatible with Flowbite and Tailwind CSS.

Icon transcendence: customizing icons to complement fonts

There are many lovely open source icon sets out there, but sometimes, we just need to ‘transcend’ them.

An Update on the Lock Icon

Due to the ubiquity of HTTPS and to make settings more accessible Chrome plans to replace the address bar lock icon with a new "tune" icon.

The art behind the Darkroom app icon

Learn why the logo and app icon have changed and the reasons behind each variation.

Icon Design Trends For 2023

Check out these icon design trends for future years before diving into work.

Futicons - Icons for the future

Figma designed icons for niche segments like VR, AR, Interplanetary Travel, AI, Crypto, Blockchain, Cyborg, Future Transportation and Sustainability.

Pushpin Icon Speedrun

When viewing my vector icon speedruns, it can be difficult to see precisely what’s going on.

Brand Expression In Design Systems: Icons & Illustrations

Elena Searcy, the Director of Product Design at PlayVS writes about how to infuse a design system with brand energy.