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What does a head of typography do?

Tim Brown discusses the craft and practice of typography and driving type toward a future vision.

Creative Director Tim Lapetino Defines Atari's Legacy

The retro game brand’s past explored and bright future teased.

Figma’s CEO on life after his failed sale to Adobe

Figma is betting big on generative AI and Dev Mode.

Save Our Libraries: a GIPHY Arts Q&A With Ari Farley

In 2021, Tennessee-based artist Ari Farley faced a life-altering decision: should she leave her job at a science camp to pursue art full time?

How Figma, Midjourney, Databricks, and Modyfi Harness AI with Design

From workflows to team setups to interfaces, here are predictions from leaders on how AI will transform the way design works.

The Power of Variable Fonts

An Interview with Jason Pamental.

Interviews about visual design

Designers don’t talk about visual design enough. I interviewed some people and we only talked about visual design.

Dan Mall’s 10 Principles for a Worthy Design Career

Dan Mall distills decades of experience navigating the design world into ten pieces of advice.

Michael Bierut On Why AI Might Not Be So Bad After All

Before the widespread corporate adoption of the computer, design was full of sharp knives, smelly solvents, and tacky glues.

Building a Product People Love: Q&A with Figma’s Jenny Wen

Jenny Wen, Product Design Manager at Figma, answers questions around leadership, culture, and product design inspiration.

Christoph Niemann Interview

Christoph Niemann discusses his practice and process, how he consumes news and culture, and that there is no trick to drawing.

Designing for the Developers

With a Finnish sensibility, Linear’s founders center software engineers in the development process.

Interview with Benjamin de Cock, Early Designer at Stripe

Ben is a designer who started working for Stripe in 2012 and spent 8 years there, working on many projects including the Stripe home page.

The Digital Library for Designers and Engineers.

NaN Tresor

NaN’s contextual-alternative-loaded sans NaN Tresor won’t stop till you have every option possible.

Everything you need to know about Deceptive Design

The concept of deceptive design plays an important role in our digital lives, but what is it exactly and how can you spot it

Finding your T-Shape as a Generalist Designer

In the first installment of an interview series, two designers reflect on life as a generalist at Spotify and the career path that led them here.

Anthony Burrill shares his collection of fascinating and unexpected ephemera

Bold lettering, gritty textures and a punchy black, white and yellow palette – we must be talking about a website by Anthony Burrill.

Why most design systems implode

We asked Brad Frost if design systems are still relevant in 2022.

Material Icons: Sehee Lee

An interview with Senior Visual Designer leading icons and design systems for Google Fonts