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FAA Aviation Maps

There may be no product with a higher information density than the Federal Aviation Administration’s aviation maps.

New Google Maps

Last week, the Google Maps team dramatically changed the map’s visual design. I don’t love it.

Google Maps API x Houdini

Google Maps opened up an API to allow users to download Google Maps tiles as 3D meshes and textures.

Very Expensive Maps

A podcast in which cartographer Evan Applegate interviews other, better cartographers.

Google Maps has become an eyesore.

5 examples of how the app has lost its way.

How to draw towns and cities for fantasy maps

Practice drawing little houses and towers. Then level them up with dimensional views and clusters that create different styles of towns and cities.

Map Misconceptions

Some common geographic mental misplacements.


An in-house tool used by Stamen to help visualize a cross-section of a custom map stylesheet.

Felt – The best way to make maps on the internet

Felt lets you create maps collaboratively, using world-class data, and share them in a single click.

The UX of Maps in Web Design

Maps are a fascinating method for delivering content.

Average colors of the world

I wrote that I wanted to expand creatively beyond maps in 2021, but here we are, halfway in, and half my posts are maps.

River Runner

Watch the path of a raindrop from anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Map of the Internet

Map of the Internet is a comprehensive artistic visualization of the Internet as of 2021.

Case Study: The Evolution of Google Maps & Colour Picking Methodology

Since Google Maps launched 15 years ago, they have revolutionised the world of digital maps and now help over one billion users get from A to B

The intriguing maps that reveal alternate histories

What if major elections, wars and events had turned out differently?

The Quest for the Blue Moon

Where I come from, many ice cream places offer a flavor called blue moon

Exploring Color on Google Maps

How a minimalist approach unlocked our ability to create a more detailed representation of the world