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Mixed Reality: The Future of Automotive UX Prototyping

Can mixed reality make it easier to test and iterate on automotive user interfaces?

A Guide to Prototyping Automotive Interfaces

Good design is not a function of talent, but number of iterations. Here’s my guide to prototyping automotive interfaces.

Build production-ready prototypes – in minutes! 🔥Sponsored

Tight deadlines? Not a problem! Build prototypes that work just like end-products. Speed up every part of product design process.

Fluent UI: Build code-based & fully functional prototypesSponsored

Design prototypes with 70+ interactive Fluent UI components that can be reused across teams. Build products faster. Try it for free.

Enter full prototyping interactivity with no extra effortSponsored

Do you need to build an interactive prototype ASAP? Try designing with coded components from Storybook or Git repo. Prototyping can't get any easier!

2022 Design Tools Survey Results

Find your next tool from the responses of thousands of designers around the world.

Build Interactive Prototypes on the Spot – Join a Free Live Demo!Sponsored

Discover the fastest way of interactive prototyping. Scale design while keeping UI consistency and quality. Save your spot now.

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Share your UX and Product Design tools and workflows with thousands of other designers in the annual Design Tools Survey.

Figma–UXPin: a combination that will WOW youSponsored

Copy & paste Figma designs to UXPin. Add advanced interactions and reach a new interactivity level. Try the UXPin-Figma plugin and explore UXPin tool.

Switch to component-driven prototyping with npm integrationSponsored

Build prototypes with interactive UI components in minutes instead of wasting hours on drawing static images! Boost design speed with npm integration.

🚀 Reach new level of hi-fi prototypingSponsored

Try component-driven prototyping to build fully interactive dashboards and apps in a few clicks. Simplify your design process with Merge technology.

Designing with coded components – as easy as 1-2-3Sponsored

The next step of prototyping with coded components is around the corner! Import, design with, and manage interactive UI. Try Merge Component Manager.

UXPin Merge: Build fully interactive prototypes in just minutesSponsored

Prototype with true components and save time on adding interactions. Use UXPin Merge – design with the same elements your devs build products with.

How we worked with a board game designer to improve our first physical product.

The journey we took to use game design to build a compelling physical tool to help form better digital habits.

Build prototypes 10x faster with React UI componentsSponsored

Prototype with fully interactive components and reach a higher level of fidelity. Scale design with UXPin Merge.

Design 10x faster with UI components powered by codeSponsored

Build your prototypes with fully interactive components. Reach new heights of functional fidelity. Design with UXPin Merge.

Leave Feedback Directly on Websites, Images and PDFs. For Free.Sponsored

Cut through the noise with immediate, visual feedback. Go from design to build to publish without losing your mind in the process.

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Figma's Interactive Components Were Not Designed For This

A survey of the bizarre prototypes designers can now make in Figma.

Framer is still alive and well… and its a game-changer

I wanted to create a prototype that felt real. Stakeholders could pull it up on their mobile device and feel like they were using an application