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“Act On Press” - John Carmack’s Hot Take On UI

This John Carmack tweet got me thinking. Like, REALLY thinking. onMouseDown might be my goto in the future.


It’s Hard to make museum-worthy art. It’s harder to make museum-worthy ads.

The killer app of Gemini Pro 1.5 is video

Last week Google introduced Gemini Pro 1.5, an enormous upgrade to their Gemini series of AI models.

What’s inside this crater in Madagascar?

On satellite imagery, we spotted a village inside a strange crater in Madagascar.

Oatly Ads

Oatly’s forced perspective ads in Paris were loved by LinkedIn but not so much by the locals.

A master printer makes his last print

Master printer and publisher Jacob Samuel has brought etchings—prints into the 21st century.

What Are Accessibility Overlays?

All accessibility overlays are bad. Except the ones by overlay vendors planning to sue me.

Accessibility for designers, with Stéphanie Walter

In this video, Stéphanie gives an introduction about how and where designers can have the biggest impact on Accessibility within a product.

Why do I have layout shift?

In this episode we’re shifting the topic to layout shift, that moment where you watch the page adapt to something lazily loaded.

Modern CSS Layout is Awesome

If you want to get up to speed on what’s new in CSS layout, this is a good place to start.

The Free Movie

A crowd-pirated recreation of Bee Movie, now FREE Movie!

Mapping Typography

The websites we make are nothing less than multi-dimensional objects: the size and shape of them change with every device and browser.

Principles of Spatial Design

Discover the fundamentals of spatial design. Learn how to design with depth, scale, windows, and immersion.

Thinking on ways to solve color palettes

In today’s GUI Challenge, Adam Argyle builds a wide gamut color palette with okLCH.


A tribute to things that won’t exist unless they do, made with Flash.

Why Lego Won

Lego did not invent the stacking, interlocking plastic brick -- Kiddiecraft did. So why did Lego’s version win?

Everything is a Remix

The complete updated 2023 edition of the classic video essay.

AI and Image Generation (Everything is a Remix Part 4)

The Age of AI has arrived and its first flashpoint is art.

The Best Opening Title Sequences of 2022

The Art of the Title, Print magazine, Slashfilm, and Salon have each compiled their picks for the best film and TV opening.

A Brief History of Art Movements

The first piece of visual art in history is from 40,000 years ago.