The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2022/03/31

A gradual UX approach to design gender-inclusive forms

Product designers need to make sure that any gender-related questions are asked in a thoughtful and respectful way in their product.

Free Ukraine icons

Free icons for articles, posts, protest signs, donation campaigns and other efforts that support the Ukrainian people and help spread awareness.

Mode Designs SixtyFive · a celebration of materials

Mode Design’s SixtyFive is one of the best mechanical keyboards I’ve ever used. These are my thoughts after having it in the studio for a few months.

Google Tab Maker

Build a custom Chrome tab extension with this tool that lets you design and populate content/data via Google Sheets.

Designing A Better Infinite Scroll

Techniques to improve the UX of infinite scroll with bookmarks, footer reveal and pagination + infinite scroll.