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What Does the Future of User Interface Design Look Like?

Exploring the future of user interface design, from AR/VR & AI to gesture-based interactions and Neuralink’s potential impact on human interaction.

Steering the future: a new vision for car UX

A few words and ideas on how to make the user experience within car interfaces better.

An alternative macOS Dock

A unification of the Dock with Mission Control’s window-management.

Workspaces – The future of macOS is people centered

Reinventing macOS for better collaboration and file management. Experience the future of digital workspaces and enhanced productivity.

UX Case Study: Venmo. Adding a group savings feature.

Adding a feature: A social savings circle for friends and family to improve their saving habits.

Designing a Wellness App while nothing seems to be well

Week 6 of the Ironhack UX/UI Design Bootcamp has come to an end and my current emotional state can be described as overwhelmed and on edge.

Is it possible to reinvent the spreadsheet app?

Have you ever wondered why every spreadsheet app has to be green?

The iPad Needs a Calculator — A Concept

Apple has never shipped a native, first-party calculator app with the iPad.

Here's how Elon's Twitter might look

You've probably heard: Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter, with the rationale that it's a philanthropic move to preserve and promote democracy.

Redesigning Tesla: Making turn signals better

I’m both struck by the potential of the in-car interface and plagued with ideas I’m eager to see implemented.

I made a prototype. Elon Musk didn’t like it. Then the internet went nuts.

How I found myself in a battle of ideas with Elon Musk.

Enhancing shopping experience on Myntra

Introducing Try on & Smart Suggest to give users a better experience.

iOS 15, Humane

We believe technology should help us live well. It can and should be designed to help us be intentional, to do the things that truly matter.

Case study: A platform to get you started with Cloud Kitchen

This case study was an assignment project I did as a part of the 10kdesigners masterclass with a duration of 16 days.

Enabling users to book tickets seamlessly with least friction on redBus

UI/UX case study - Enabling users to book tickets seamlessly with least friction on redBus.

A UX case study on Apple AirTags

A user experience case study, showing what they’ve done right, and what they could improve on.

Concept: Introducing Spotify snippets,a new feature for podcasts

An innovative new bookmarking feature to simplify podcast-based learning for listeners and amplify social media visibility for content creators.

Computers and Creativity

How can digital creative tools become better co-creators with human beings?

The Future of Group Messaging

An analysis of modern messaging, and the next evolutionary steps.

Recipe websites, data modelling and user experience

To a developer, recipes represent such a complex and delicious content model. So why do so many recipe websites leave a bad taste?