The five best design links, every weekday


An alternative macOS Dock

A unification of the Dock with Mission Control’s window-management.

Apple Vision Pro Spatial Design 101

Learn Spatial Design from scratch.

Designing a Wellness App while nothing seems to be well

Week 6 of the Ironhack UX/UI Design Bootcamp has come to an end and my current emotional state can be described as overwhelmed and on edge.

How to use ChatGPT in product design: 8 practical examples

ChatGPT is an advanced chatbot created by OpenAI, a company that created GPT-3.

Learn from Google’s coolest UX design animation ever

Have you ever wondered what would Google’s most staple material guide look like in 3D?

6 Ways to Reduce Cognitive Demand When Designing UX

Decision fatigue is a popular term used to describe when people have made too many decisions over a specific period.

How OnlyFans Design Hooks You Up

Today you will learn how OnlyFans onboards new customers, creates habit loops, drives our behavior, and hooks us up.

Skill Chef: A UI/UX Case study

In this case study, I have described my process of designing an ed-tech app — Skill Chef for the niche culinary arts.

The Mac utilities that I can’t live without as a designer in 2021

We are arguably living in a golden age of Apps.

Removing Nested Modals From Digital Products

Looking into the root problems and offering alternative UX patterns.

Analyzing the new Tesla UI

The new user interface that Tesla has launched as a Christmas gift has not left its users indifferent.

Designing Bunch Payout of RazorpayX

Designing of payout feature enabling target users to pay a group of 5–30 people in a seamless and hassle-free manner

How TikTok Design Hooks You Up

Today you will learn how TikTok onboards new customers, creates habit loops, drives our behavior, and hooks us up to keep using the app.

Masterclass for Scribld Creative — A UI/UX Design Case Study

A personal project on designing an iOS app for an ed-tech startup in the field of Creative Arts

How I built a site for freelancers to find resources

The story of why and how I built a resource repository for freelancers in one week.

My First Design Assignment — Redesigning a job portal page

This was my first ever assignment for a UI Design intern role and I wrote this particular article to show how I solved that problem statement.

Simple Design Tips for Crafting Better UI Cards

Cards are box containers that hold pieces of information.

Designing for time-blindness

Time was flying, but I wasn't having fun. I'd start the workday at a reasonable hour, and before I knew it, it was 11:46 am…

Exclusive App for Webinars - UI UX Case Study

This case study is part of a design challenge in which I was asked to explore live streaming as a media format.

UX Design Methods In A Mind Map

If you are wondering when to apply which design methods, this mind map may help you.