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Striking Vintage Calculators

From Greg Maletic, glamour shots of his collection of calculators from 1968-1983.

Adobe plans to make Photoshop on the web free to everyone

Adobe is developing a freemium tier of Photoshop for web and is already testing the service in Canada.

Photoshop’s journey to the web

By using various new standardized web technologies, Adobe has now brought a public beta of Photoshop to the web.

The world's most-advanced AI can't tell what's in these photos. Can you?

Is that a manhole cover or dragonfly sitting on a table? Is that a green iguana or just a squirrel running with some nuts?

29 Years of Adobe Photoshop Design History

A comprehensive visual history of Adobe Photoshop from 1990 to 2019.

Creating Isometric Illustrations Made Simple with the Geometric Technique

Learn how to quickly create Eye-Popping Isometric Graphics on the go for your design requirements.

Is the Sketch app data format as open as they say?

Here's a story about how we learned to read and write the Sketch app file format to create the very first ever PSD to Sketch Design Converter.

FontDrop - Streamlining your typography needs

Use fonts without needing to install them. Just drag-and-drop to create a new text layer.

How to create noisy, risograph-style gradients and textures in Photoshop

Risograph style, noisy gradients, speckled gradients, I’ve researched them all but I couldn’t find a good, free tutorial.

5 Reasons Why I Left Photoshop for Sketch

I've been working in Adobe Photoshop for over 10 years as a designer. At Digital Surgeons, all we've ever used is Photoshop for web-based or app projects. Given how fast my workflow had become using Photoshop, I thought there was no way I could move through another program that efficiently.

Inspect by InVision—Now for Photoshop

We recently released Inspect, a free tool that supports your team's design to development workflow like never before. Inspect lets you and the developers on your team generate code with a click, gather key information like font names, hex codes, image specs, and dimensions, and a lot more.

Three reasons why my team moved from Adobe to Sketch

We're a 8 people UX team, and we're all using Windows (working in a Microsoft Gold Partner company :) ). We've been designing our apps using Adobe Photoshop CC for the last 2 years, and were quite happy with it.

Copio: Copy and paste layers in Photoshop using shortcuts!

Adobe Introduces Project Felix, Sensei, Updates Creative Cloud and More

This year Adobe's MAX conference brought a lot of exciting news and product updates. While there is nothing out of the extraordinary in the updates for Photoshop and Illustrator, the Creative Cloud received a significant boost in creativity and an AI personality. The star of Adobe Max 2016 is Adobe Sensei, an advanced machine learning ...

Photoshop Style Guide .PSD (and workflow)

This is my style guide starter file I use when I start a Photoshop project. I thought it could be useful and some of you wanted to see it so I decided I might as well share the .PSD file. It contains colors, responsive typography, normal, active and hover buttons, forms, icons, tables, image alignments, ui elements, etc.

Interview with Caroline Blanchet on Talking With The Pros

Talking With The Pros is a blog dedicated to interviewing the most amazing creative professionals from all over the world.

Mockups and the Blueprint & Play technique

Lea la version en español: Los Mockups y la técnica del Blueprint & Play A method that make easiest the customization process of the mockups for Photoshop Over recent years the use of mockups for Photoshop have become in a very coveted resource for designers that are looking to improve the presentation of their projects.

Fontic: Easily include fonts from Photoshop on the web

Fontic - Scan your PSD file for fonts then include them on the web!

Using blend if for masking

Let's say you're working on a redesign of an existing app. Rather than recreating everything, it's easier and more accurate to work with real screenshots. And, if you're working with real screenshots, you're working with bitmap images, which can be difficult to edit. Here's a screenshot of an icon on a red background.

Free Sleek Landing UI Kit

Free UI kit for creating beautiful landing pages. Works with Photoshop and Sketch