The five best design links, every weekday

Date: 2023/02/09

Shift Happens Catalogs the 150-Year History of the Keyboard

‘Shift Happens’ documents 150 years of keyboard history from early analog typewriters to the pixelated versions on our phones.

PLUSMINUS Studio’s unapologetic identity refresh for CHEEX

“Essentially, we were brought in to help give CHEEX a brand ‘clean-up,’” Designer Tomas Clarkson tells us.

Why Pele is considered the greatest football player of all time

A visual explainer of Pele’s remarkable legacy in football and his most famous moments.

Shuffling Typography Animation

A shuffling type animation with various effects for a geeky terminal look.

Bulgarian logo archive, by ABVA

ABVA documents, stores, studies, and popularises examples of different visual arts from Bulgaria.