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Making Indeed’s UX Design Principles

The four design principles that guide Indeed’s UX work and how a content designer used surveys and workshops to lead their creation.

New PayPal Identity

New PayPal branding, typography and sonic identity work by Gretel.

Designing for Trustworthy Automation

Lessons from creating the UX of a virtual assistant.

Instagram Brand Updates

Instagram does some brand refreshing including tweaks to identity, gradients and new custom typography.

M&M’s redesign by JKR

JKR's new work for the chocolate brand include identity updates, custom typeface, and more emphasis on color and the ampersand.

Happy Blurpthday to Discord, a Place for Everything You Can Imagine

Discord makes some 'friendlier' adjustments to its look including an improved logo, font and colors.

Burger King rebrand

Fast-food giant's first rebrand in over 20 years features a more digital-friendly burger logo and a custom brand font by Colophon Foundry, "Flame".

New Kia logo

Insights from Blackspace studio on their work on a new Kia logo and brand identity.

Medium brand identity update

Medium unveils a new brand identity and further updates to its platform.

Dunder Mifflin Identity

A new identity for the world's most famous paper company.

Going our Separate Waze

New Logo and Identity for Waze by Pentagram.

Why Atlanta’s logo is perfect

Watching the first episode of Atlanta, the logo was the first thing that popped out to me.

Building the Tandemly Logo

When we sat down to create the Tandemly mark, the first question we asked ourselves was, "What is our mission?"

Chobani: New Logo, Identity, and Packaging done In-house

An Amélie-meets-Norman Rockwell-meets-Works Progress Administration aesthetic that feels earthy, nostalgic, and wholesome

1967: A Modern Identity Takes Form in Ancient Lettering

Looking at the New York Times identity over the years.

Zendesk Rebrand

Good relationships take work. They require knowledge and the tools to get the job done right. That's what Zendesk is for. Our products allow businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable. They help improve communication and make sense of massive amounts of data. Above all, they help you turn interactions into lasting relationships.

Uber Visual Identity Redesign

In February 2016, we launched a new dynamic visual identity to reflect the ongoing evolution of Uber.In 2010, Uber launched as a way for 100 friends in San Francisco to get luxury rides-everyone's private driver. Today, we're a transportation network sp...

Ugmonk 8th Anniversary Set

To celebrate 8 years of Ugmonk we designed this special Limited Edition 8th Anniversary Set. Only 200 of these sets ever produced. Made in the USA.Featu...

Some brands hurt people

He's not a wimp. In fact, anything but. He'll out-lift you, even though he only weighs 140 pounds. He'll out-run you, even though he's in his early 70s. And, he'll burn you out of the sauna, if you care to test him. (I don't recommend trying this.)

A new identity for Matter Studios

As a part of rebooting the company, we've redesigned the Matter logo. We needed some sort of visual signal that we're starting over. At first we investigated what you could do with the existing brand, which was designed in 2014 by Luke Hayman at Pentagram.